Frameless Fabric Led Light Box 8016(led scrolling signage)


led scrolling signage Frameless Fabric Led Light Box 8016(led scrolling signage)


Product description


Customized double side led light box display 
Double side
Material:aluminium, fabric
Frame:80 mm thickness
Application:outdoor or indoor



The fabric LED lightbox is a novel type of lightbox display that utilizes liquid crystal display backlighting technologies. Fabric lightbox is mostly used in Food, automobile, jewelry, and women's clothing shops. That is instrumental in explaining the presence of ultra-thin light boxes in the terminals of large electrical manufacturers' shops. Companies usually consider business potentials that exist both day and night. Therefore, the lightbox colors are vibrant, bright and the energy savings exceed 70% compared to conventional lightboxes, meeting the government's energy conservation and environmental safety standards.

Frameless Fabric Lightbox Features and Benefits?

  • The LED lighting and UV printing reproduce natural lighting and colors; the image becomes more vibrant and appealing, and the visual effect is enhanced.
  • The Fabric lightbox images are colorful and crisp, similar to those of notebook LCDs.
  • Utilize the backlight's material and propagation properties to the fullest extent possible; the light distribution is uniform and even.
  • Easy to assemble, repair and maintain.
  • Easy to change the fabric with a new picture.
  • Our Frameless fabric Lightbox is energy efficient and eco-friendly.
  • Requires 12 volts power supply.
  • Portable, sleek and beautiful design.
  • Great for indoor and outdoor advertisement.

Maintenance of Fabric Lightboxes

Watch out for signs of wear and tear, vandalism, weather-related disruption, and power outages. If you find any issues or harm to your signage, quickly go for repairs. We also recommend that you inspect your fabric lightbox at intervals of 3 years; but, if the fabric lightbox stays on all day and night, it may need regular maintenance and repair.

How Long Do Fabric Light Boxes Last

A properly maintained fabric lightbox will last more than eight years indoors and close to five years outdoors, depending on the usage frequency. All our Fabric lightboxes are made according to the relevant environmental specifications and are intended to last long. Specifically tailored and made to suit your business surrounding.


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