Frameless Fabric Led Light Box 8023(led sign lighting)



Product description


Customized double side led light box display
Double side
Material:aluminium, fabric
Frame:80 mm thickness
Application:outdoor or indoor



Fabric LED Light Box with a Slim Aluminum Frame

This frameless fabric lightbox is a new kind of Fabric lightbox with a sleek design and a catchy outlook. The Fabric lightbox features a slim aluminum frame, and it’s often used in food, car, and female clothing stores. That explains the existence of ultra-thin lightboxes in the terminals of major automobile shops. It is a better marketing solution than the improvised display structure seen in the past. Ultra-bright LEDs and edge lighting technology serve as the backlight for this frameless fabric lightbox. It is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Application and Usage

The Frameless Aluminum Fabric lightbox is often used in airports, malls, department stores, fast-food restaurants, and the like because of its unique and sturdy design. It can also be used in movie theaters, shopping malls, and retail outlets to display marketing campaigns.

The Benefit of the Light Box

  •  Frameless fabric LED lightbox produces 30% more intense brightness than the ones powered with fluorescent tubes.
  • The uniform and soft glow give the graphic a very realistic and clean appearance.
  • Energy conservation: by using quality LED lights, the lightbox achieves a longer lifespan.
  • Changing the fabric is a breeze; it’s simple and easy.
  • Frame color: the color can be tailored to your desired specifications.
  • Power adapter: A licensed DC12V power source that is both stable and dependable.
  • The device quality is guaranteed; excellent quality lightbox.
  • Portable and lightweight design

Why We Recommend Fabric lightbox powered with LED lights

LED lighting boosts the elegance of your frameless fabric lightbox and also enhances the visual impact. The LED lighting generates bright light and consumes less energy than fluorescent light. LED light strips also have lower heat output while being energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly. Our Frameless Fabric Lightbox is an effective and efficient way to relay your products to the world.

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