Frameless Fabric Led Light Box 8025(led display)



Product description


Backlit light box fabric led light box display
Single side/Double side
Material:aluminium, fabric
Frame:45 mm thickness
Application:outdoor or indoor

Aluminum Profile Fabric Light Box for Outdoor Ads-Visuals

The Light Box fabric aluminum profile is constructed with solid aluminum. The Aluminum Snap Frame Profile is extremely well-designed. It has a straightforward form and a small footprint. Not only is the surface sleek and reflective, but it is also waterproof and corrosion- and rust-resistant.

This product is available in various configurations, and we also provide customizations. The fabric surface displays stunning graphics and a high level of resistance to water. And our light source is an LED bulb, which has higher brightness and low power consumption. Most businesses consider the benefits of day and night. The colors are vibrant, and the energy savings exceed 70% compared to conventional lightboxes, meeting the government's energy conservation and environmental safety standards.

Usage and Application of Fabric Lightbox

This Fabric Aluminum Profile lightbox is suitable for any retail space or urban development location, including shopping centers, supermarkets, banks, department stores, hotels, airports, train stations, subways, docks, elevators, car parks, interior lighting, and wedding gown studios. And other locations.

Benefits of The Lightbox

  • Our Fabric Aluminum Profile LightBox is small in size and lightweight.
  • Threaded pins allow them to be installed in walls without the need to drill holes.
  • They are clean and eco-friendly.
  • This device is very robust and has a long support life.
  • High quality and fair pricing.
  • The aluminum fabric lightbox is both thin and energy-efficient
  • The lightbox uses LED technology which is very bright with low power consumption.
  •  LED lights have a long lifespan.
  • You can easily mount your aluminum fabric lightbox to any wall with its mounting hardware, and they are also easy to maintain

Final Words

Utilize the material to the fullest extent possible, the backlight's propagation properties are excellent, the light emission intensity is high, and the light distribution is more even and normal. We offer high-quality fabric lightboxes. The lamp is simpler and quicker to replace due to the quick-opening style. Kindly place your order to have your sturdy fabric LED lightbox do the magic for your business!



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