Frameless Fabric Led Light Box 9105(portable light box)

As the competition among brands increlightboxesy day, the Frameless Fabric Light Boxes are gaining more and more popularity. 


Fabric light box LED light box


Product description


What is a Frameless Fabric Light Box?

These state-of-the-art Frameless fabric light boxes feature Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG), and perimeter LED lighting, which displays backlit imagery. These beautiful lightboxes give a very trendy and aesthetic look.


The fabric graphic is integrated into the lightboxes via a thin silicone strip by stitching it all over the graphic’s edge. It nicely fits on a small channel around the parameter giving it a frameless or edgeless look. The resultant graphic fabric seems to have equal lighting from the inner side. They are cheaper than the larger size lightboxes.


Frameless Fabric LightBox is made from high-Quality Materials:

The fabric used in these lighted signs is made from premium quality materials. They remain fade-free even after several washes. You can easily fold the fabric for easy portability. It won’t become crumpled or wrinkled even after several commutes and long road trips. The best thing is that it is machine washable.

Frameless Fabric Light Box make the best use of your available space:

The frameless fabric light box allows even and balanced illumination to the whole graphic print. LED lightbox displays offer the flexibility of use as a hanging, wall-mounted, or free standing. They are available in various sizes, and you can choose the best size according to the space open for your digital sign. You can brighten up your space with sleek and modern lightboxes.


Frameless Fabric LightBox is a Great Marketing Tool:

LED sign lighting is a very efficient way of sharing your graphics. Graphics are made on fabric so that it is installed quickly and easily to a wall. The background wall must be painted white to reflect light. 

Narrow fabric lightboxes require illumination from two larger sides. However, all four sides are illuminated for big and wide fabric lightboxes. Often the lightbox is bolted to the ground for more excellent stability. 

Frameless Fabric Light Box build the confidence of your customers:


The signage has a great impraboution on the mind of customers. They think that a company that cares for its signage is also concerned for their quality of product or service they offer. You won’t buy from a company that can’t represent itself aesthetically. A well-designed lighted sign conveys the message of professionalism, sincerity, and friendliness to your potential customers.


Frameless Fabric Light Box add to the beauty of the place:

The edgeless look that gives most of the aesthetic appeal to the backlit fabric is achieved by sewing silicone beading through the edge of the printed material. The edges are secured in the light box’s channel grooves frame. The size of these channel grooves varies with the size of the lightbox. So we can say that frameless fabric lightbox is a beautiful way of coming to notice.




The frameless fabric lightboxes are custom built to meet the requirements of different companies. They are successful in catching the attention of people everywhere. They are durable, versatile, easily portable, and energy-efficient.

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