Frameless Fabric Led Light Box AL10061(light box sign)



Product description

light box sign

Advertising Backlit Fabric LED Light Box

Advertising Backlit Fabric LED lightbox is a form of promotional equipment. They are critical in outdoor advertising; to do this, it uses strategic spaces, visual arts, and high-impact printing. The graphics are available in basic general-purpose Fabric and vinyl and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. UV printing and silk dyeing applications.


The Fabric LED lightbox provides many advertising opportunities for use in a mall, shop, metro stations, event centres, clubhouse, or signage advertisements, which help you draw customers’ attention to your products and services. It may be hung on a wall, suspended from the ceiling, or free-standing on the floor.

Features and Advantages:

  • A user-friendly and inexpensive backlit exhibition panel.
  • Custom typed graphics are shown on an SEG backlit banner illuminated by LED lights within the platform.
  • Includes an easy-to-assemble frame and a pure acrylic panel that will not break off or fade over time.
  • The lightbox utilizes a high-quality LED light source that is highly efficient and generates little heat.
  • Power usage is low, resulting in energy savings (up to 70 per cent compared to normal light)
  • Resistance of ultraviolet rays and a long life span.
  • The best texture for poster ads is given by brilliant light diffusion.
  • High-intensity lighting that is eco-friendly.

Packaging and design:

LED Backlit Light Panels with LED Backlight Strips to offer vivid, white, and energy-efficient lighting throughout the whole set and is available in one / two graphic sizes and much larger when several boxes are combined to produce a seamless look. Global power source simplifies installation. It is offered in single and dual configurations.

Our Fabric LED lightbox comes with one LED light package, including an aluminium base, a backlight led strip light, a transformer, and a socket. In terms of printing, we guarantee the colour's longevity due to our use of UV printing.


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